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No Makeup, Makeup Look


Am I the only one that is happy that the “no makeup, makeup” look is back? Do not get me wrong, I love doing a full face of glam once in a while but it feels good to have light coverage makeup back in style. If we are being really real, I’m sure most of us have been working from home and wearing absolutely zero makeup during COVID-19 but once the restaurants, shopping malls and salons started slowly opening up and socially distant family functions were allowed, light makeup came to the rescue!

How to Nail the “No Makeup”

No makeup looks actually do require some makeup (sorry to break it to you). The real trick is to look effortlessly put together like you do not have any makeup on. No makeup looks require very dewy and hydrated skin as the starting point. You need a tried-and-true moisturizer that will give you radiant skin. Skin MD Shielding Lotion comes with a regular lotion formula and also an SPF formula as well. It is a non-fragrance, lightweight formula that has an amazing amount of botanical ingredients to give your skin that youthful, plump skin we all want - a perfect make-up primer. Once you have your skin prepped, you can add a light concealer under the eyes or a tinted moisturizer for the whole face (if you are feeling like a rebel, use both!) The trick is not to set your whole face with powder - you want your natural oils peeking through. Next, a cream blush is all the new talk of 2020! Pop that on your cheeks for a little tint of color. Put some brow gel through those brows, throw on some mascara, and apply some lip gloss and you are ready to go! Of course you can add your own steps but this will get you to your no makeup look. Your autumn skin tone will be as fresh as ever.

Time to Wash Your Face!

Just because you are not putting a lot of makeup on your face does not mean you will not get acne or clogged pores. You still need to deep clean your skin, even if you only used a tinted moisturizer. The quickest way to take off your makeup is either with micellar water or a makeup wipe. Make sure to use your favorite face wash and finish it off with some Skin MD Shielding Lotion to protect your skin.

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