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Acne & Breakout Reviews

Acne reviews

“After using this product for a month I was confident enough to give it a score of 4/5. This moisturizer has permanently disqualified my previously used Philosophy Hope in a Jar. The Shielding Lotion™ is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving behind silky and protected skin. Never did my skin feel wet, greasy or irritated. I found that it contributed to accelerated healing of any blemishes as well as reducing the redness of post-acne scarring. My skin texture feels significantly smoother and looks more radiant.”

Lydia Mazzei

Perfectly Imperfect Beauty Blog

“Let me just get a little personal here and explain that I have had skin issues for years. I have recurring seborrheic dermatitis on my face as well as acne. The dermatitis leaves me with red, flaky, itchy, dry skin (not lovely) and the acne ranges from sebaceous filaments to those big, sore cysts that swell up like mosquito bites and hurt like heck. Not fun!

Believe me, I’ve tried everything – from the pharmacy acne creams to natural remedies, both over the counter and prescription. My dermatologist even prescribed long-term, low-dose antibiotics to help with my skin problems (which I have stopped taking!). I’ve tried retin-A creams, ProActiv (which is pretty much just benzoyl peroxide), salicylic acid, AHA’s, tea tree oil… you name it, over the years, I’ve tried it.

And now I’ve finally found a regimen that is keeping my skin clear – for the first time in about twenty years!!! I haven’t had a major breakout in weeks. For me this is huge.”

Emily Bickell

Emily’s Latest Blog

“I started out using this as my nightly moisturizer. I have very oily skin, and often end up with some acne anytime I try out a new product on my face. However, this lotion didn’t break me out at all. It worked great while the weather was cold and dry, really perfect!”

Ashely Vaughen

Star Sparrow’s Magpie Nest Blog

“I have such issues finding the right kind of moisturizer. I have adult acne, combination skin and I’m over thirty. Moisturizers that are too light leaving my face feeling like parchment and those that are too rich give me breakouts and oil spills. Skin MD has the right balance. My face feels soft and any breakouts I’ve had have been due to stress and hormonal issues. My oily spots don’t have the glazed donut look after applying and my drier (but not dry) areas look soft and full rather than stretched and tight.

The shielding action has been great for my face because it’s helped my makeup apply smooth and kept my cheeks from getting windburned on my bike ride to work.”

Heather Firth

Lamb Chop Mobile Blog

“I found that this Shielding Lotion™ is a great way to stop acne. Yesterday I noticed a red dot on my face, it looked like a potential zit was forming on my face. I decided to dab some skin MD on the area and left it on overnight, the potential zit is completely gone. I’m so glad to have something that is capable of doing such a thing.”


San Jose, California

“I’ve found an amazing moisturizer in Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion™:

I have been looking for a moisturizer for a long time that is deeply moisturizing and yet doesn’t make me feel like I have Vaseline smeared all over my face. I’ve tried Burt’s Bees day cream before, and although it worked well for me at first, it soon landed on my regrets list after breaking me out and the formula getting shady. On the other end of the spectrum was Biore’s Dual Fusion moisturizer, whose light formula was nice to put on, but too light to really moisturize my skin.

Enter Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion™. This moisturizer works by forming ‘a protective barrier on the skin [that] keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better. It is a big advantage that Shielding Lotions™ are light and go on without a greasy mess,’ Dr. Brian Zogg, dermatologist (quote from Skin MD’s website).

What I love about it

1. Formula: ohh man, this stuff is so lightweight that it goes on like silk and absorbs quickly. As I put it on, it feels cool and refreshing. The first time I used it, I was so happy with the sensation that I ran out of the bathroom and put it on the hubby’s face too!

2. No Scent: Nose snobs, take note. I cannot pick up on any scent on this lotion, which tells me it doesn’t contain anything it doesn’t really need to moisturize your skin. Props for parsimony!

3. It works! I wouldn’t be raving about this lotion if it didn’t work so beautifully. My favorite time to put this on is at night after I’ve done my skincare routine. The Shielding Lotion™ allows my acne treatment to be much more effective because it’s acting like a bodyguard against new toxins entering my skin. The Skin MD brochure also recommends that if you use anti-wrinkle treatments at night, try putting on this lotion at the end to help the treatment work better.”

Ashwini Parsana

Clearly Beautiful Blog

“I have to say that I think this is the best type of moisturizer to use for your face. It doesn’t add anything to cause acne, it uses your own moisture. Now with the added SPF protection, it really tops my list.”


Qt Pies 7 Blog

“I am pretty picky with what I like and don’t like. I use a good skincare line on a daily basis, so I have pretty healthy skin. I don’t really have dry hands or feet in the winter, so I decided to try this on my face in the place of my regular moisturizer. Now, let me explain that this was probably the toughest test I could have done. I have extremely acne prone skin, so I break out really easily. I was afraid that since this was an all-in-one Shielding Lotion™ it would be too much for my face. After using this for several months now, I can honestly say I am VERY impressed. My skin only broke out once, and it was a small breakout. Not the great big painful ones I usually get. The first time I put it on it felt so smooth and silky on my face.”


Sweet N Sassy Girls Blog

“Being an acne “Survivor”, I find it a little frightening trying new products on my face. Instead I started using Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ on my hands and loved how it felt! What I like most is that the lotion is silky and non-greasy, not heavy and gunky which I often find so problematic. I admit in the past I have refrained from using moisturizers on my horribly dry winter hands just because they seem disgustingly greasy – not a concern with Skin MD!”

Angela Money

Northern Mama – Northern Girl Blog

“A lightweight lotion with a very subtle scent. Completely non greasy, this sinks into skin immediately and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. The bottle has a flip lid and was very slim and compact and surprised me that it contained 120ml. The best part for me was that it is completely non-comedogenic, so didn’t clog my pores or break me out.”

Gemma Leslie

Pink Haired Princess Blog

“By the way, I have oily combination skin, I have very oily T-Zone, I always breakout when I used products that clog my pores just like my recent mishaps with another brand of moisturizer, I have sensitive skin. I tend to break out on my forehead, on the sides of my nose and on my chin area.

The bottle says for hands, body and face, but I was hesitant to try it on my face. I’m scared to try it honest especially upon seeing the word LOTION, oh my. I have sensitive skin and easily gets breakout if the product I’m using clogs my pores plus the fact that at that point in time, I’m till suffering from cystic acne breakouts on my forehead because of using Olay moisturizer. At first I was really TERRIFIED to try this product for fear it my worsen my breakouts. I took the risk, I used this product in all parts of my face and I’M GLAD I DID !!!


  • The packaging is a press on lid squeeze type which I actually like. I find the squeeze type easy in controlling the amount of product that I need, so no product wastage for me. I also find it ideal for travel, it fits my bag perfectly. I can carry it anywhere I go.
  • It’s actually Fragrance and colorant free but it has a very mild clean scent, maybe it’s because of the ingredients. I like it actually…
  • I like that it has no animal products and not tested on animals. Miss K. You’s gonna love this too ;).
  • It’s hypoallergenic yay.
  • It’s over 90% botanical plus it’s Paraben Free.
  • It’s Non Comedogenic, so true!!!
  • I find it convenient and hassle free to just use one product for my face, hands and feet.
  • It’s sooooo gentle for my sensitive skin, I don’t have new breakouts I’m so amaze WOW.
  • Now this one did it, on why I fall head over heels in love with this product. I think it healed my cystic acne breakouts, it dried fast, died fast then gone. No more cystic acne breakouts yay!!. I read their brochure and found out that the Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ contains antimicrobial agents, it contains botanical ingredients that helps to decrease bacteria.
  • It’s so light, the lotion is not thick, it’s actually thin and runny and absorbs really fast. I barely feel like I have anything on my face. It doesn’t have that sticky icky feeling most moisturizers give me. No heavy, greasy feeling. No oily sticky residue honest.
  • When it says it moisturize, it really does. It is a very good moisturizer, the best in my opinion. (tis just my opinion hehe). Skin MD absorbs quickly and easily into my skin. You can really feel instant hydration, really moisturized skin.

I can’t stop caressing my face especially after application. Face feels soft, smooth and supple. I see a hydrated skin but without the oily effect. Face is matte but not dry. I can get use to this lol.

  • I haven’t use a makeup primer before but upon using this product I feel really matte, it mattifies my face for 5 hours. And it’s not even oily after 5 hours, it’s what they call it dewy. No shiny face, I’m so amazed of this product I can’t stop blabbering. No moisturizer yet except Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ has given me 5 straight hours of matte face.
  • My face stays put for a good 5 hours without retouching. With other moisturizers, if I will not blot or retouch even for an hour (that’s how oily my face is), you’d be sure to see an oil mine face. I don’t believe in miracle product but this got me thinking.
  • They have a variant with SPF 15 for day use and one without SPF for night use.
  • A very good hand moisturizer, absorbs really fast. No sticky greasy feel on your hands after application. Only soft moisturized hands. And it worked the same on my feet.
  • A little goes a long way . One bottle will last 2 months on me I think. I’ve been using it for a month and it’s not empty yet. ;)”

Emily Tan

Beauty Inside & Out Blog

“Skin MD leaves my skin super smooth and flake free; therefore it works ideally as a makeup primer. It does not cause breakouts or additional greasies on my oily, acne prone skin. Since using Skin MD, I have no longer had the need to use my Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Gel, so I am led to believe that it is helping control the amount of oil my skin produces. What a wonderful bonus. My results from using this product regularly have been fantastic.”

Cassandra Kolo

CKK Beauty Blog

“About a month ago I was sent a bottle of Skin MD to review here. I should tell you first of all that I am not a big lotion user. I like to have soft skin but it is hard for me to find a lotion that doesn’t irritate my skin or make me break out. I also don’t like the heavy fragrances that some lotions seem to have so I generally avoid them all together. I have been using it every day since I received it and am very impressed with no complaints.”


Glimpse Reviews Blog

“Skin MD lotion has a very light, gel-like consistency that spreads effortlessly onto the skin, sinking in immediately without leaving any greasy residue behind. Upon application, it gives skin a pleasant soothing and refreshing feeling.

I’ve used it for a whole month on hands, face and body and it leaves my skin silky soft and smooth, like that of a baby, and hydrated for hours. It didn’t irritate or cause breakouts and it worked particularly well on my hands.”


Beautiful With Brains Blog

“Most guys do not like to talk about moisturizer. For some reason, it is considered unmanly to use a product that rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles. I love a good moisturizer, even though I am hesitant to put most lotions on my face. I have tried facial moisturizers in the past, but I usually end up with pimples after a few applications… yuck! Fortunately, I have found Skin MD!

For the last week, I have been using Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ on my face every day after my shower. I am willing to do this because it does not feel oily on my skin. It is very light and makes my skin feel smooth and supple within minutes of application. The effect endures all day and has resulted in my face feeling refreshed. Skin MD has not caused a single zit, either!”

Larry Harms

Cake Blast Blog