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Dry Skin Reviews

Sensitive skin reviews

“I’m a natural red-head, and as with most red-heads I have extremely fair and sensitive skin that requires a lot of maintenance. I’m always in search of a better skin-care product, so when I was approached to try Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ with Sunscreen SPF 15 I was thrilled! I found it is a wonderfully light lotion with a very mild scent. It’s so light that I actually apply a little to my face each morning (yes, you read that right, I apply it to my face!).

I usually have dry red patches on my cheeks and this lotion has really reduced those patches. Even though the lotion is lightweight, it still provides enough moisture to take care of the rough skin that this cold, dry weather has left on my hands and elbows. The added plus is that it’s protecting me from the sun, which is extremely important to me and my fair skin. This product has definitely made it’s way into my daily skin-care regimen!”


Complete and Utter Chaos Blog

“Skin MD with SPF 15 is still the fabulous lotion I’ve used for the past year but it now also protects me from the sun. It really is wonderful. I’ve been using it for a few months now on the two kiddies as well as myself. Lilly’s skin is sensitive but Noah puts us all to shame. The air makes him break out in a rash. It’s so dry that sunblock sometimes burns and the thick texture of it is so hard to rub in on him. So I loved using the Skin MD with SPF on the kids even more than I loved using the original version on myself. At that, is nothing short of amazing.”


Memoirs of a Mommy Blog

“First of all, I’m only on my 2nd application of Skin MD and it’s made a huge difference in my problem skin. When people say they have really dry skin I laugh because I’ve never seen anything like the dry skin I have. I’d love to just deal with run of the mill dry skin. I’ve never ever found a lotion that works in years and years of searching. I’ve found a couple things that may make it less terrible but nothing that truly helps. From the very first application Skin MD was better than anything I’ve tried. I’m hoping in time it will clear up my problem skin entirely!”

Julie W.

Columbus, OH

“Just like me, Prince, my youngest son, has very dry and sensitive skin. In fact, when he was about one it made his toenails fall off! Not once, not twice, but SEVERAL times. They always grew back but can you imagine baby toes with no toe nails?! It definitely freaked me out and made me run to the Doctor’s office! The doctor said it was because his skin was very dry and sensitive. For this reason, I’m very vigilant about the products he uses.

Skin MD was kind enough to send me their lotion to review. I was a bit hesitant about using the product on Prince; however, after reviewing several testimonials from board certified dermatologists I felt confident enough to proceed. I am excited to say that after using the Skin MD lotion, I am switching from my other brand to Skin MD!

It was perfect for an 8 year old boy who will not sit long enough for any body lotion to dry and does not like my “girly smelling” lotions! It did not dry out his skin. Instead, it held true to its advertisement, by moisturizing and shielding it. His skin is no longer ashy and susceptible to cuts. It now looks and feels healthier.

Skin MD is an all botanical product that will pamper your skin without hampering your bodies defenses. It is gentle enough for children and adults alike. In fact, I also used it and have seen an enormous change in just a few short weeks. Our skin has gone from dry and flaky to soft and smooth. I can definitely say that I am latinaliciously touchable! Really! Just touch me next time you see me! I dare you!”


Latina on a Mission Blog

“I have sensitive skin, so I usually don’t apply products to my face. But I decided to try Skin MD and was super pleased! Not greasy, no clogged pores and no reaction.”


Parenting Community Blog

“I’m kind of picky about moisturizers since I have oily and sensitive skin, but when I saw that Skin MD’s top two ingredients are water and aloe, I was game for the trial. Sure enough, the product delivers as advertised. You only need to use a tiny bit, and it’s absorbed very quickly. The whole concept of a Shielding Lotion™ was new to me, but I do like the idea of protecting my skin from irritants. Since I swim in a heavily chlorinated pool regularly, I was curious if this stuff would really protect my skin from the harsh chlorine. I’ve tried it out on my face before swimming, and I do believe this product makes a difference. After using this lotion, my face doesn’t feel eaten alive or chapped from the chlorine, as it sometimes does. I guess it is actually shielding me!”


PractiGal Reviews Blog

“We have several members of the family with eczema and sensitive skin. In fact, one of my daughters has such sensitive skin that we can only buy detergent without dyes or perfumes or her skin will break out in a rash. After I had used the Skin MD lotion for several weeks without any problems, I turned my entire family (even those with sensitive skin) into reviewers right along with me. I was pleased to note that no one, not even those family members with sensitive skin, had any negative reaction to the product. (That may not seem like much, but if you have sensitive skin it’s HUGE!!!)”


Opinion Mom Blog

“I never put my ‘regular’ lotion on my face, but the Skin MD with SPF 15 even works on my face. My face does break out, so I was bit worried about trying it on my face. I decided to go ahead and try it. Guess what, I love it for my face. It didn’t cause any break outs, feels wonderful and has the SPF in it that I insist on using.”


All American Mommy Blog

“I’m really excited about this lotion!! It works really well and does what it says it will. I respect that. But what I am most excited about is what it doesn’t have and doesn’t do!

No animal products or testing

Dermatology tested

No Fragrance

No colorant


No Paraben


I have extremely dry skin and a son who is sensitive to fragrance, colorings and a lot of fruits. I have spent soo much money on lotions that burned my sensitive skin or didn’t do as they promised. Parabens don’t sound like a big deal but they are estrogen mimickers and throw my hormones for a huge loop. They come standard in most lotions. I have pretty much given up and live with dried, cracking and bleeding hands most of the year. Not fun and not pretty.

The whole concept of Skin Md is described as “an entirely new concept in skin care requiring a new classification: Shielding Lotion™. A Shielding Lotion™ keeps moisture-robbing irritants away from the skin while the proprietary ‘super’ humectants hydrate the skin throughout the day.” Doesn’t that just make sense? The lotion goes on light and dries quickly leaving you feeling like you improved. I suggest you try a sample.”

Kathy Eller

Having a Hallelujah Good Time Blog

“There are a few things I cannot live without and one of them is a very good lotion. I am picky when it comes to lotions because (1) I have sensitive skin, (2) I don’t like lotions with overpowering scents (3) I don’t like lotions that feel sticky after you apply it and (4) does not last long enough to keep my skin moisturized.

So when Skin MD asked me to do a review of their product I was very curious and excited to try it because of what it has to offer.

I have been using Skin MD for a month now mostly on my elbows, knees, hands and feet. The lotion has a very mild scent and it was not sticky after application. The lotion is absorbed by the skin immediately after you apply it. It has that instant smoothing effect on my hands and my elbows. Having recently gotten engaged, everyone is asking me to send a picture of my engagement ring. So before using the lotion, I can see how wrinkly my fingers were in the pictures. This motivated me to use and follow the recommended initial application times. After a week, I took the same shots and lo and behold, the difference between the 2 shots were huge!

Skin MD delivered what it promised to do. My hands, feet, knees and elbows looked much smoother and softer. Another thing I liked about Skin MD is the fact that it uses all botanical ingredients which makes it even better.”

Tey Bautista

Freeteyme Blog

“Now, to be perfectly honest, I was a bit nervous about slathering on some random goop onto my skin (I have extra sensitive skin and can break out into a rash within mere seconds on contact of any foreign beauty products). However, I decided to take the plunge because, well, a lifetime of lizard like skin sounded far worse than potential hives.

WOO! Fast forward 3 weeks later and wow does my skin look awesome. My face felt soft and silky – and best of all – no acne, rash, or hives! This body universal lotion (which works on the face, hands, feet, etc) also felt really light and non-sticky when I applied it on my face – who knew that something so weightless could be so effective?!?”

Athena Yang

Finance Foodie Blog

“My skin is very sensitive and I am always afraid to use something new. However, I knew I would like this new product from Skin MD because I’ve already tried their Skin MD with SPF 15. Both of the products are fragrance free, which I love! They are not sticky or uncomfortable at all. They were both very light on my skin leaving no oil or sticky feelings.

One of the greatest thing is that the lotion is so versatile. It can be used for kids, parents, for face, feet, hands, and body.”

Junghwa Chung

An Apple a Day Blog

“I have super dry skin. It is a pain… literally. I am always on the lookout for a good lotion. The thing is not only do I have super dry skin I also have super sensitive skin so it is that much harder for me to find a good lotion. Well my days of looking are over I have found it the ultimate lotion which is the epitome of what all lotions should be Skin MD is good for your face, body, and hands. I coat myself in it and I no longer have dry skin. Quite the contrary I have the softest skin now. I love Skin M because not only does it keep my skin super soft it is also a Shielding Lotion™ which means it also protects your skin from moisture-robbing irritants while hydrating your skin throughout the day. How awesome is that! I also love that it is not an oily moisturizer, I don’t like it when you put lotion on and your skin is all oily afterward. This lotion gets absorbed super quickly leaving your skin soft and dry.”

Debra Lowrey

Familyicious Reviews Blog

“All winter long, I fight dry skin. Between chilly winds and heaters going full tilt, my skin is cracked and painful from November to March. I’ve tried tons of lotions, but have disliked most of them. With sensitive skin, many lotions either cause rashes or make my skin feel like it’s on fire.

Recently, I was able to try Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ with sunscreen. I’ve never heard of a Shielding Lotion™ before, so it was a completely new idea to me. Basically, Skin MD creates a barrier to keep out irritants that dry skin. According to Skin MD, it works by boosting the protective abilities of your skin.

Between work and being a mom, I am constantly washing my hands, so they have become incredibly dry. However, after using Skin MD, I was able to see a noticeable difference. My skin not only felt smoother, it also felt moisturized. No more itchy, scratchy, scaly hands.

One thing that really made me love Skin MD was the fact that it was not greasy at all. I hate lotions that make my hands feel slimy, and Skin MD did the exact opposite. It left my skin smooth and soft. Skin MD definitely carries through on it’s promise that it ‘exceptionally enhances your skin’s hydrating and protective abilities.’ We love it!”

“I have super dry skin. It is a pain… literally. I am always on the lookout for a good lotion. The thing is not only do I have super dry skin I also have super sensitive skin so it is that much harder for me to find a good lotion. Well my days of looking are over I have found it the ultimate lotion which is the epitome of what all lotions should be Skin MD is good for your face, body, and hands. I coat myself in it and I no longer have dry skin. Quite the contrary I have the softest skin now. I love Skin MD because not only does it keep my skin super soft it is also a Shielding Lotion™ which means it also protects your skin from moisture-robbing irritants while hydrating your skin throughout the day. How awesome is that! I also love that it is not an oily moisturizer, I don’t like it when you put lotion on and your skin is all oily afterward. This lotion gets absorbed super quickly leaving your skin soft and dry.”

Staci Albright

Mommas Gone Over the Wall Blog

“I was excited to try this product, but to be fair I must admit that I didn’t have high hopes for it. I use sunscreen regularly from spring through fall-but I don’t enjoy it. I generally don’t care for lotions with sunscreen as they are usually heavy or sticky and often cause my sensitive skin to become irritated or break out. I’ve tried many products through the years and I’ve come to accept these occasional side effects as necessary irritations.

Skin MD with SPF 15 well exceeded my low expectations. The first benefit I noticed was that this lotion was not heavy or greasy. Being that the weather here has still been quite cold I mainly used Skin MD with SPF 15 on my hands and face. Wearing it under my make-up I hardly knew the lotion was there. It was also not sticky. You know that feeling where your fingers feel tacky for hours after applying some lotions? You won’t have that. And to top it all off it has a great light scent that reminds me of summer afternoons.”


Crispy Not Crunchy Blog

“I have always had very dry skin for as far back as I can remember and I’m always trying out new products to find what works best for me. I had always been able to use any product, but not all worked the same and not all gave the amount of moisture that I needed to keep my skin moisturized for a long period of time. It just so happens that since having my son, I have become very sensitive towards different products that I had been using for years and years. I’ve had to stop using the lotions that I’ve used for years and I’ve also had to change soaps, etc. Anyway, I was a little hesitant at first about trying the product when I was first contacted by Amber because I didn’t want to run into any ‘itching’ problems that I’ve been facing over the years, but when she told me that the Skin MD was recommended by dermatologists and that it was 90% all botanical, I figured I’d give it a try. Boy, am I glad that I did because this lotion is awesome! It isn’t oily, it goes right into the skin, it’s not thick like some lotions, and it has a nice scent to it. You know what else is great about it? It’s made in the USA, that’s right, it’s an American made product!”


Frugal Plus Blog

“Poor WC. She has the worst skin ever. It’s so sensitive, and she’s very prone to random rashes on her bottom and legs. I use All Free and Clear and Downy Free and Sensitive, but she still has itchy spots and sometimes Cetaphil doesn’t cut it. I’ve been using hydrocortisone cream on some of the worst spots, but I just don’t like to do that very often because it can thin the skin over time.

So I was excited when I was contacted by Skin MD a few months ago. They asked if I’d like to try their Shielding Lotion™ and of course I said yes with WC in mind. I have been using it for about two months now on WC when she gets a rash and have been amazed at how well it works to clear it up. Typically, when I apply Cetaphil to her rashy area, she complains that it stings, but when I use the Skin MD Shielding Lotion™ she doesn’t complain at all!”

Sasha Clements

Sasha Says Blog

“I have really dry skin on my heads and legs and feet. My baby girl does too. The problem is both of us have very sensitive skin that breaks out with lots of lotions. We both also have eczema which is so itchy and gross especially during the winter. So when Skin Md wanted me to try out their Skin MD lotion I thought why not. I like all botanical products and actually I have been getting alot more all botanical or organic stuff because of my baby’s allergies.

When I received it I waited until I got a bath and when I got out and dries off I put Skin M on my hands, feet, legs and arms. I like that it didn’t leave a greasy residue like alot of lotions. It left my skin feeling like silk. I liked how silky they felt. Only thing was my skin is really dry so It soaked it all up really fast and with in a hour I needed more. I didn’t mind though because most lotion are that way with my skin. Another thing I would love if they used some essential oils or something in them to give it a great pretty smell. The smell is pretty plain. I know for most people they don’t want a scented lotion because of the over powerful smell or for allergies to perfumes. That’s why I said essential oils are good with that. But overall I was impressed with the lotion. I even used it on my baby and it lasted better on her legs and feet since they aren’t as dry as mine. I like that it didn’t flare up her eczema which was great too.I also love that Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and vitamin E are main ingredients.”

Toni Jensen

Beautiful Angelzz Blog

“If you’ve read any of my posts about skin care products before you probably know I have issues with overly sensitive skin. Minor use of one tiny bit of the wrong thing makes me break out in all kinds of badness which could be anything from acne to hives.

Skin MD may be just what the doctor ordered to solve my skin issues and give me radiant, healthy, break out free skin.

The first week I tried Skin MD i wasn’t sure what was going on. It went on smooth, it has no awful smell, and it is super light weight and left no greasy residue – all which was great but my skin acted a little weird. It dried up and almost peeled. But I kept trying to give my skin an adjustment period. And boy am I glad that I did.

After that first week you know what emerged from the dry peeling stuff? Radiant new skin. I think the Skin MD sloughed off the old skin and even lessened some scar tissue and evened out some discolorations because my skin has not looked this good in years.”

Toni Jensen

Beautiful Angelzz Blog

“Since using Skin MD my skin has shown a visible improvement in appearance plus a newly acquired silky soft feeling. At first I viewed Skin MD as just another overpriced product with way too much hype which I have since been proven wrong. I have used several different products in the past that have claimed to be for sensitive skin but have only made my skin red & irritated. Skin MD not only made my skin baby soft but I also did not have one bad reaction. Unlike other products, Skin MD does not have a strong perfume odor but a refreshing scent that is very pleasing to the senses. When I first applied Skin MD, it felt slightly sticky but the sticky feeling went away within seconds.

Skin MD finally won me over when it healed a dry spot that I had on my side for the last 4 months. No matter what I tried, the dry spot would get slightly better then go back to being extremely dry within hours. The first time I used Skin MD on the dry spot it felt somewhat better & each time I would reapply the lotion there was less itching & dryness. I am happy to report that the spot is now gone.

With my sensitive dry skin I have been through so many different lotions & have actually given up on finding one that my skin would react well to. My skin feels baby soft & looks better than the crocodile layers I had before using Skin MD”

Tatum Vankirk

Tatum’s Family Reviews Blog

“I have been fortunate to not have really dry skin, but in the winter it does get dry and lotion is a must! I used to always use smelling lotions, but now I have realized they just don’t work that well. Also, my skin has become a little bit sensitive and I need something that’s more gentle on my skin. I recently was introduced to an incredible lotion that is not only easy on my skin, but really makes my skin incredibly soft… it’s called Skin MD.”

Rachel Demille

Second Time Around 09 Blog