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Showering May Not Be So Good for you


Showering – the secret dry skin cause

A long, hot shower may feel relaxing, but it’s damaging to your skin. Hot water strips away your skin’s oils, leaving skin dry and dehydrated. Try turning down the heat and using warm water which is less drying to skin and limit showers to no more than 15 minutes.

Soaps and body washes contain artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals. Don’t let showering be the cause of your dry skin. Replace your chemical rich body wash with a gentle botanical soap that won’t make your shower the cause of dry skin.

“There are thousands of skin irritants that exist in our environment that weren’t around just decades ago — things like soaps, shampoos and cleansers — can strip away the natural barrier. In my practice in dermatology I see many incidents of contact dermatitis, where the natural coating has been stripped just from daily use of soaps and other irritants.”

Dr. Lisa Benest

Board Certified Dermatologist

Burbank, CA

Diabetes Dry Skin

Medical conditions can often be at the root of dry skin causes

Diabetes is a medical condition where one has abnormally high glucose levels. Many diabetes patients also suffer from dry skin because of poor blood glucose control. When the blood glucose level is elevated organisms lose fluids which will evaporate from the outer layer of the skin. As skin becomes dry it tends to itch which leads to scratching. Diabetic skin is very susceptible to infections that occur when scratching breaks open the skin. Skin MD stops the itch of dry skin and contains anti-bacterial ingredients.

Psoriasis and Eczema are medical skin conditions that cause dry skin for millions of people. These conditions directly affect the appearance of skin. Patients often experience red and irritated skin that can be covered in scales or sores. Skin MD contains soothing botanical ingredients and scientific advances that help protect skin, allowing it to heal.

Dry skin is a common side effect often experienced during chemotherapy. The harsh drugs used during chemotherapy can cause severe dry skin that cracks and peels. Seal in your skin’s own moisture with Skin MD and feel the silky smooth difference.

Prescription drugs are often prescribed for a number of health reasons. Some of those drugs help to treat high blood pressure, allergies, and acne. These drugs would be diuretics, antihistamines, and retinoids which can all cause dry skin.

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