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Dry Skin Eliminated Quickly


Dry skin prevention starts with eliminating the top causes of dry skin

  • Frequent hand washing – Professionals from food servers to surgeons that are required by law to wash their hands multiple times per day are always looking for dry skin prevention, but you don’t need to be a professional to need dry skin prevention. Just everyday activities like cooking and cleaning can often leave hands dry and cracked.
  • Use of harsh soaps and body washes – Many soaps and body washes contain harsh artificial fragrances and other ingredients that can strip skin of its own natural moisture. Prevent dry skin by choosing gentle botanical products.
  • Exposure to chemicals and irritants in household products – cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that damage your skin’s protective layer and cause dry skin.
  • Recreational hobbies – Paint and other art materials can be tough on skin, making gloves necessary to prevent dry skin. Gardening and other outdoor activities can leave skin exposed to dirt and chemicals that can dry and irritate skin.
  • Misuse of artificial moisturizers – The lotion you are using to prevent dry skin could be causing your skin problem. Artificial moisturizers can contain heavy fragrances and greasy chemicals that only mask the symptoms of dry skin by providing a greasy layer on top of skin.
  • Dry skin prevention made easy with Skin MD Shielding Lotion

    Skin MD provides superior dry skin prevention by working with skin to eliminate the top causes of dry skin listed above. Designed to be water resistant, Skin MD stands up to frequent hand washing and the use of harsh soaps. State of the art research into the protective abilities of the skin, led to advances in Skin MD's ability to help strengthen skin’s defenses against common household chemicals and irritants. In Skin MD, active botanical ingredients and science work together to provide non-greasy silky smooth moisture that heals dry skin.

    Dry skin prevention with Skin MD is recognized by dermatologists

    Thousands of doctors and dermatologists across the nation are recommending Skin MD to their patients for dry skin prevention and treatment.

    Dr. Weber tell about dry skin prevention

    “The whole idea of just plain lotions is probably outdated in terms of some of the technology that is available these days. This actually works in conjunction with the normal process and normal mechanism that we have in our bodies to protect themselves. If we can prevent irritation from getting into the skin, down to the layers where the skin is actually active – the skin is going to work much better.

    This actually stays with the skin, bonds with the outer layer of skin and in that sense it works in a much different way than most other lotions that come off and don’t necessarily do their job. Skin MD does the job because it actually bonds with the outer layer of skin, prevents the irritation, prevents irritating substances from actually getting into the skin, or to the lower layers of the skin and allows the normal healthy process to continue so that the skin can stay healthy.”

    Dr. Wayne Weber

    Board-Certified obstetrician/gynecologist

    Los Angeles, California

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