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First step towards Sustainability

As a small business, we want to ensure we set up a foundation that can last generations, and that has a net positive impact on our environment. At a young stage, we have the flexibility of making the right choices now, rather than having to reverse our action standards too far down the line.

Although we are not perfect, and still far from our goal to reduce our footprint and get closer to zero-plastics, we are still proud of the commitment we have made to working with a Solar Powered manufacturing plant.

Solar Energy Powered Facility

This solar panelled facility is an award-winning pioneer of Green Manufacturing in the United States. The company is the first solar-powered manufacturing facility in Azusa, California.

The company conducted a “green retrofit” of its original facility at 710 South Ayon Avenue, bringing it to “Gold Level” standards, and later broke ground on its recently-completed “Platinum Level” green building at 766 South Ayon Avenue, completed in 2010 (standards as recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council).

The Positive Impact

The combined solar power plants on the Westwood Laboratories campus generate 210,000 kilowatts of energy annually, equivalent to 148 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

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