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Founder & CEO, Dan Mueller, knew all too well that the health of the skin is of vital importance to overall physical wellbeing and, of course appearance. Our skin, the largest organ we have, has a built-in protection: its natural oils and moisture combined with the top layer of skin creates a protective barrier. This barrier, he knew, slowly strips away as we expose it to environmental factors like water, harsh ingredients & chemicals, pollution, toxins, and even the sun.

Trying to find a solution to his own skin conditions and that of his loved ones was not easy. It took 6 years of collaboration between noted dermatologists and surgeons and a world-class chemist (who had created well over 30,000 skin care formulations for the world’s leading cosmetic companies) to reach and then exceed the original. 

Based in California, 21st Century Formulations, Inc. leads the way in dry skin care with our unique Shielding Lotion, Skin MD Natural. Our founding goal was to develop a product that would naturally hydrate the skin while restoring the protective qualities of the outer layer of skin that modern life strips away. The result was a lotion so different from any previous skin care product that doctors adopted a new name for it: Shielding Lotion™.

The Shielding Lotion™ introduced an entirely new approach to skin care. The use of only super-premium quality ingredients and natural plant extracts makes this formula like nothing else on the market. With sensitive skin at the focus of his product, the formula is made free of fragrances, colorants, parabens, toxic ingredients or gluten to  reflect a commitment to providing the highest quality skin care at a fair price. 

And thus was born Skin MD Natural.