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Our Expert Panel

“A conventional lotion is not formulated to protect the skin like a Shielding Lotion™ does. Conventional lotions only add surface moisture to temporarily alleviate the dryness or itching. Shielding Lotions™ are an effective dry-skin treatment because they bond with the skin and protect it for long periods of time. With this protection in place your skin keeps its own moisture in and has a chance to use this natural moisture in the deep layers of the skin to heal itself,” states Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist of Burbank, CA.

“The secret to resolving dry skin is not only having enough moisture, but also having that moisture located where it can actually resolve a dry skin condition. The use of artificial moisturizers (conventional lotions) only mask dry skin symptoms, which can result in more dry skin. A Shielding Lotion™ protects your skin, allowing your own natural moisture to heal the skin,” states Dr. Helton.

"Clinical studies have shown that a Shielding Lotion™ will keep your skin hydrated and protected against irritants that cause dry skin. It’s the best lotion for dry skin. A Shielding Lotion™ works with your skin to restore and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier, while helping to prevent toxins and irritants from damaging your skin and robbing it of its natural moisture, hence, a dry skin treatment that really works!" says Dr. Weber