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Best Skincare Routine for Dry, Dehydrated Skin


Let’s cut to the chase – dry skin is the worst. It affects your appearance (and confidence!), and it can make things quite itchy and uncomfortable. Not to mention the signature redness, flakiness, and dullness that plague dry skin sufferers. 

According to one study, roughly 30% of people worldwide have dry or dehydrated skin. And keeping the body’s biggest organ properly hydrated isn’t exactly easy. Finding a good skincare routine for dry, dehydrated skin can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack full of serums, lotions, creams, and cleansers.

It’s time to call off the search party! Our team has built a skincare routine tailored for people of all ages that actually works to relieve (and resolve!) dry, dehydrated skin.

Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin and dehydrated skin mean the same thing, right? Err, not quite! Any skin expert will tell you there’s an important distinction.

Dry skin is a chronic issue where the body doesn’t produce enough sebum (your body’s natural oil). It's usually a persistent issue characterized by that all-too-familiar feeling of tightness and itchiness. And it can be really uncomfortable.  

Dehydrated skin refers to a lack of water inside the skin. To function optimally, the skin should contain about 64% water. But when the body is dehydrated, the skin feels that tightness and itchiness associated with “dry” skin.

People use these terms interchangeably, but understanding the differences between dry vs. dehydrated skin is important. Here’s the bottom line: Dry skin is a skin type (like oily or combination skin), but anyone (especially if they don’t consume enough water) can have dehydrated skin…even someone with oily skin. 

What Causes Dry Skin?

Our skin’s outer layer is a protective barrier of dead cells and natural oils that traps moisture. When this top layer doesn't get enough water – whether it’s because of environmental or genetic causes – the barrier doesn’t function properly and the skin dries out. Here are some of the main causes of dry and dehydrated skin:

  • Genetics: Some people are just prone to dry skin. Some have oily skin; others have combination skin. That’s just how it is.
  • Cold weather: Cold air literally pulls the moisture from your body, leading to dry, dehydrated skin. 
  • Low humidity climate: Dry air does the same thing. (Weather is a big factor!)
  • Showering with water that’s too hot: Sure, it feels amazing, but water that’s too hot strips your skin of necessary oils. 
  • Showering too often: You might think you’re practicing good hygiene by keeping yourself squeaky clean. Not so fast. Again, you’re actually stripping your skin of its natural oils when you overwash.
  • Harsh soaps: These products pack a punch and can do some serious damage to your body’s natural oils.
  • Artificial fragrances: Anything artificial should be a red flag. These are found in many products and can cause redness and irritation, as well as dry, hydrated skin. 
  • Exposure to harsh household chemicals: A lot of common household cleaners contain chemicals that can cause some serious irritation and dry out your skin.

Skincare Routine for Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Skin MD’s panel of medical experts set out to beat dry and dehydrated skin – once and for all. And now that we have, we’re sharing our most effective skincare routine for dry, dehydrated skin. 

1. Cleanse With Care

Washing your face is the cornerstone of any skincare routine. Dermatologists recommend skipping foaming cleansers and using something that contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that attracts and traps water, instead. Make sure your morning cleanse is gentle – save the deep clean for your bedtime routine. And remember: Hot water can be damaging, so use lukewarm water.

2. Experiment With a Serum

Before you reach for your tried-and-true moisturizer, consider using a serum designed specifically to deliver moisture. Look for formulations that include hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. Make sure you apply your serum before your moisturizer to help keep the moisture locked in.

3. Moisturize

A moisturizer is non-negotiable if you’re suffering from dry skin. (Yes, in addition to a serum!) But not all moisturizers will get the job done for dry, dehydrated skin. In fact, it can be extremely difficult to find good skincare ingredients dry skin will appreciate.

Dry, dehydrated skin is no match for Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion. Created by a team of board-certified dermatologists, a surgeon, and a world-class chemist, our Shielding Lotion is packed with super-premium ingredients and free from fragrances, colorants, parabens, and toxic ingredients that could cause irritation. Another must? Make sure your moisturizer contains SPF for added protection.

4. Deep Clean

Yes, your first and final steps in your skincare routine are almost identical. You absolutely have to wash your face before jumping into bed to remove the dirt, sweat, and anything else that has built up on your skin throughout the day. After your nightly clean, apply your moisturizer again before going to sleep.


Skincare Routine for Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Your Skincare Routine for Dry, Dehydrated Skin Doesn’t End There!

Taking good care of your skin doesn’t end with your skincare routine. Some lifestyle changes can help, too.

5. Healthy Gut = Happy Skin

Have you ever wondered, “Does drinking water help your skin?” Diet has more to do with your skin than you think.Dermatologists say yes! Drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day keeps your skin’s cells hydrated and functioning properly. Eating enough fibrous fruits and vegetables keeps your gut healthy, and as science shows us, a healthy gut means healthy skin.

6. Treat Yourself

Ready to relax? Don’t be afraid to try some hydrating face masks to give your face a boost of moisture. Or draw yourself a warm oatmeal bath to soak your whole body. And when you go to bed, sleep with a humidifier on to create a more humid environment your dry, dehydrated skin will love.

7. Say Goodbye to Dry, Dehydrated Skin with SkinMD

Soothing your dry, dehydrated skin can be quite the task. But now you have a skincare routine for dry, dehydrated skin that will restore moisture and hydrate your parched skin. And a good moisturizer, like Skin MD’s Shielding Lotion, is an absolute MUST for anyone with dry, dehydrated skin. Shop the store now!

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