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What I Should Buy Local


Oftentimes we are purchasing products that we love and need that are produced in countries other than our own. Although this is absolutely fine, and is part of the exchange between country economies to provide the best of the world to one another, it is also worthwhile to look for local choices when possible.

There are a number of categories where shopping local may be the better option:

1. Fresh Produce

We are so spoiled for choice that we want watermelons in winter, and juicy oranges in summer. We always have these options available to us no matter what the season. You will find that if you have strawberries in the wintertime, they are probably from another country. This means it has come a long way through freezing, long air-travel and storage. Although it will probably taste great, one can question the nutritional values of these once fresh items. For these reasons, it is always to buy produce from your local country and even from a local farmers market, which will sell seasonal fruits and vegetables.

2. Plants

There is nothing more therapeutic and enjoyable than going to a nursery for some new plants or trees for your home. But when you are looking, realize that plants that have been grown locally are already adapted to the climate here and will adapt better to your home and probably live a longer life.  Plants that are meant for colder climates may not do as well in warmer temperatures or vice versa.

3. Beauty and Health Products

Buying products for your skin and body should take a little time and thought. Beauty products that are made in the USA will most likely have higher quality ingredients and also have proper manufacturing processes that adhere to stricter policies. Also, smaller businesses are generally not mass producing their products, which means their quality control is far better than global brands. Skin MD Shielding lotion is a face & body lotion made in the USA. It has been carefully formulated with plant botanicals that have been chosen to help protect you from pollution and irritants, which helps keep your face safe and youthful.

Sometimes it may seem more expensive to shop from US manufacturers and brands, but in the long run it is far better to purchase fewer high quality products than buying more “cheap” ones that could be causing more harm than good, especially when it comes to your skin.

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