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Why Are People Switching to Botanical Skin Care?


The botanical beauty market is booming at the moment, estimated at a worth of $48 million USD in 2019 and expected to be worth more than $54 billion by the year 2027.¹ People are starting to see the value in skin care and the use of botanical ingredients in their cosmetics.

What Are Botanicals?

Botanicals are ingredients that come from plants or herbs. They can be from any part of the plant such as the roots, flowers, leaves or seeds. Because these ingredients originate from botanical sources, they provide benefits to the skin and don’t contain man-made chemicals.

Why Is the Demand for Botanical Skin Care Growing?

When you think of your skin care products, your first concern is most likely the quality. What’s in it? What will it do for my skin? 

In today’s world, we are more conscious about what our products are made of and where the ingredients come from. We want clean label products and we are becoming more health conscious consumers globally, according to Formula Botanica.¹

Particularly, when it comes to putting a cream on our face, we want to know what it is we are putting on there.

Is Botanical Skin Care Effective?

There is a reason why botanical ingredients have been used for thousands of years and why they are still being used today. They bring with them many protective and healing properties, all while being gentle on the skin, which is exactly what you want in a skin care product.

Each botanical ingredient comes with its own benefits so finding a skin care product that takes care of your skin without using harsh irritants is important.

Skin MD Botanical is a skin care product that provides your skin with a shield, protecting it from external irritants. Leaving your skin’s moisture on the inside where it belongs, it helps to soothe and plump your skin while being free of any harsh chemicals.

Not only is it made with botanical ingredients, it’s vegan and cruelty free. This makes it a perfect fit for those of us wanting to take care of our skin while taking care of our planet as well.


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