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Can You Use Hand Lotion on Your Face


Your face is the first thing we portray to the world - and it should be treated differently to the rest of your body. Our skin (although looks the same on the surface) is actually quite different across the entire body. Our skin has adapted to its environment and its job. Think about the skin under your feet versus the skin on your lips; or even more less distinct is the skin on the outer arms versus the inner arms. These differences mean that our skin should be treated differently.

So you ask can you use hand lotion for your face.

The answer is sadly, no. Hand lotions are designed for the rough, overworked skin on your hands. The aging process on the skin of our hands is much faster than that of our face - and so the potency of ingredients, the choice of ingredients and the thickness of the texture of hand lotions are significantly different to that which are made for the face.

can you use hand lotion on your face

Remember, the face has open pores, finer skin, and is easily aggravated by new ingredients. Applying a heavy cream on the face will clog the pores, and over-moisturize the face, which can lead to acne, breakouts or uneven complexion.

If you have sensitive skin, especially if you are prone to oily breakouts, It is recommended to use a light lotion for the face. Water-based, or gel-like formulas are lightweight and will not clog pores. Skin MD Face lotion works like an invisible barrier on the surface of your face to block irritants from entering the skin surface and causing dehydration which can cause rapid aging. The same process will work perfectly as a make-up primer, or a barrier agent from cosmetics to protect the delicate skin from exposure to synthetic chemicals.

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