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Heal Dry Skin


Toddlers and babies are super cute and they’re the envy of so many people because it seems like their skin is always so soft. The soft skin that we love about these tiny humans needs a lot of attention in order to stay soft and healthy.

Babies and toddlers, even though you may not realize it, have more sensitive skin than adults and need more work to keep it moisturized. This is because the skin and skin barrier is much thinner on a little one’s skin compared to an adult’s; this difference is what makes it harder for an infant’s skin to retain moisture. Thankfully there are a few easy things we can do to help their skin to stay healthy.

  • Hydrate: The skin is a large organ and it needs to be hydrated to function properly. Keeping your little one hydrated is one way to start keeping their skin healthy.
  • Make A Bath Time Routine (this is a big step): Some of our little ones love to splish and splash in the water but try to limit their bath time for no more than 10 minutes or so in lukewarm water. Extended time in the water with soap can actually dehydrate their skin. Also when choosing a bath soap for your baby or toddler try to find one that is fragrance free and hypoallergenic; soaps with added fragrances and harsher chemicals can cause their skin to have a negative reaction. Once out of the bath pat dry their skin instead of rubbing it, rubbing their skin with a towel can cause their skin to become chapped. Make sure to moisturize their skin. 
  • Dress Your Little One For The Weather: During the winter months even most adults struggle with dry skin issues so it is extremely important when taking your little one out in the colder months to keep them covered. Adding hats, mittens and booties to their outfits could help protect their skin from dry air.
  • Add a Humidifier To The Nursery: The air in our homes can actually be causing your baby to have dry skin, so adding a cool mist humidifier to your nursery could help. This will add more moisture into the air and help your baby’s skin retain more moisture.
  • Moisturize!: Even though this was added into the bath time routine it’s pretty important so it also deserves its own step. After every bath and as needed throughout your little one’s day using a gentle moisturizer on your little one can help with their dry skin. (Find out why more people are starting to use a shielding lotion like Skin MD instead of a regular moisturizer here!)

These are simple steps we can take to help the little ones in our lives to have healthy skin. Always talk to your pediatrician to make sure whatever steps you take are what are best for you and your baby as well.

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