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Multi Benefit Skin Care Is the New Way


Do you opt for a simple 3 step skincare regime, or go all in with the 13 step extensie regimes of K-beauty? Well, I prefer to save time and money by choosing wisely. With skincare innovation evolving on the daily, there are now an incredible variety of multi-benefit choices that will help those of us who are trés confused. Eliminating complicated steps is just what we need. But do remember,  although these products are still incredibly beneficial, they will not have the specialty of individually-focused products.

One super example of a multi-benefit genius product is taking a simple face moisturizer and adding the benefit of SPF. This dual-benefit approach really should be the first factor in purchasing any face or body lotion, especially if you want to stay chic and young.

There has been loads of research and awareness about the damage caused by the sun - so this is not going to come as a surprise. The sunlight that touches us is made up of two harmful rays: long waves (UVA) and short waves (UVB). The UVA rays can age you and the UVB rays can burn you. A lot of people tend not to apply sunscreen if it is an over casted day, but truly the sun rays can be even more intense because they go through the clouds and you end up getting more harmfully burned.

Why is sunscreen so important?

Although it is pretty obvious, for any skeptics out there here are a list of reasons why it is so important to use sunscreen:

  • It protects your skin from the UV Rays
  • It prevents premature aging of your skin
  • It helps maintain an even skin complexion
  • It lowers your chances of skin cancer

An important part of your skincare routine should be to apply sunscreen to your face before you head out for the day. This will save your skin from preventative aging. For an everyday sunscreen Skin MD is a lightweight formula that moisturizes the skin and has a bunch of botanical ingredients in it such as: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Arnica, Yarrow, Comfrey, and Vitamin E.

it’s a sunscreen and moisturizer in one product that has healthy ingredients

I tried this product first because my pharmacist had a sample by the register so I put it on my hands to try I have Very dry skin and I am a redhead with fair skin. It felt so good and soften my skin immediately. The next time I picked up my prescriptions I read the ingredients and realized it was all healthy so I purchased it-Very happy with it I took it on a cruise to Fiji and I used it only on my face and body it wasn't greasy and did Not clog my pores. I use the one with sunblock because I live in Florida-but love the feel for night time moisture also. I called my girlfriends to let them know how much I liked the product and they are happy too. Thanks for putting out such a good product that is also cost effective. – Cheryl Keel


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