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Shielding Lotion for Face


OK, so you might be wondering what a shielding lotion is and why you need to add it to your beauty regime. Well, there is so many reasons why you should.

shielding lotion for face

A shielding lotion for face has multiple benefits that are different to a conventional face lotion. 

  1. Creates an actual shield-like surface - When you apply a small amount of a shielding lotion on your face, you are creating an invisible barrier between your delicate skin and the world. This becomes your protective barrier from the outside world - the irritants, the pollutants, the allergens, the UV exposure - all of which cause skin dehydration, aging and other skin conditions.
  2. Perfect barrier between face and mask - Sadly, wearing a mask has become normal these days, and so have the implications of mask-wearing on your face, such as “mascne”. Mascne is a term coined to describe the acne, and breakouts that are developing overtime from wearing masks over and over again. It might be the non-breathable fabrics, or the friction, or just the buildup of oils and dirt on your skin or the mask. By using a face shielding lotion, a barrier is created that doesn’t allow the dirty mask to make contact with your skin. It also helps to relieve any existing irritation on your skin and soothe breakouts and redness.
  3. Wear make-up? This is the perfect primer - We all know that cosmetics can cause clogged pores and dry out your skin - so just applying a small application of Skin MD shielding lotion for face will provide the perfect base. It not only soothes and calms any existing irritation or redness, but it creates a smooth lightweight shield that will protect your skin from your cosmetics.
  4. Soothing acne and healing rosacea - Ok, so truth be told - your skin has everything it needs to heal itself. But the real issue is, the skin never has the chance to heal. Why? Because it is in constant contact with external irritants and even water. So, applying a shielding lotion basically gives your skin a time-out. It stops the outside world from destroying your delicate skin - and it locks in the natural oils and moisture which are cures to all of your skin conditions.

All in all - Skin MD’s shielding lotion for face is a miraculous, multi-benefit product that you need to try. And hey if you decide you don’t like it? 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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