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Move over Skin Barrier Cream, Hello Shielding Lotion!


Call them what you will - balms, ointments, protective creams - skin barrier creams are called by many names; but they all have one thing in common - they leave a gritty or very greasy feeling on the surface of the skin, and really do nothing but cause trouble. Although they might feel like they are protecting your skin, they tend to wash off easily and stick to all surfaces you touch - yuck! If you work with your hands, a skin barrier cream is going to be your number one enemy - it can be intrusive and more annoying than gloves. 

So, it's time to bid farewell to skin barrier creams! There is a new science in skin protection that you need in your life - a shielding lotion. Shielding lotions are of a completely different category in that they do not sit on the surface of the skin, but actually form with the skin cells of the outer layer of skin, making the outer layer of skin denser and turning it into what is often described as an invisible shield.

Put simply, a shielding lotion is designed to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out, and is especially important if your skin’s natural barrier has been harmed or damaged - which is usually the case for sensitive skin types that are challenged by eczema, psoriasis, hand dermatitis or common breakouts.

Far richer than any conventional lotion, a shielding lotion works by forming a protective (and invisible) layer on the surface of your skin. By doing so, it creates a breathable matrix that locks in moisture – the most important ingredient for dry skin – and acts as a protective shield from harmful irritants. All in all, it creates a safe environment for your delicate skin to heal without the greasy after feeling.

For centuries, petroleum based jelly was the only solution on the market. But thanks to years of research and working with skincare experts, Skin MD developed shielding lotions for the face & body that work so beautifully with your skin. Designed to soothe inflammation, heal skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, protect against UV, shield against over-washing and sanitizing, provide relief for sunburns and minor skin abrasions, Skin MD's shielding lotions have been formulated with 93%  botanicals (and the other 7% super safe ingredients), making them safe, lightweight, fast absorbing and safe for the entire family.

Although it still feels like summer, the cold weather is around the corner, and so is dry skin. So now is the time to include a shielding lotion in your regime in preparation for this cooler climate. Your winter skin will thank you!

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