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Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin


Dry skin is most commonly due to the loss of moisture, or dehydration of the skin to environmental factors - Heat, harsh cleaning products, hot showers and over-washing can all be factors causing dry skin. However, there are just as many home remedies to help reduce dryness and even eliminate it.

/firstly: oat baths

One of the oldest home remedies, perhaps you heard from your grandmother, is taking an oat bath. This is as simple as it sounds. Just add some quick oats or blended oatmeal into your warm bath and soak in there for 30mins or so. Best to moisturize straight after to lock in the hydration.

/second: hydrating extracts

Many plant based extracts and essential oils are naturally hydrating. Most common amongst these is Aloe Vera which is a anti-inflammatory and is known for its healing properties - especially for broken, irritated skin.

/third: use cooler temperatures

Hot water is notorious for drying out skin - especially in the winter as people take longer showers and use extremely hot water. Changing to warm baths or cooler temperature showers will significantly improve symptoms of dry skin.

best natural body lotion for dry skin

/fourth: gloves

It is recommended to wear gloves when ever your hands are going to be exposed to irritants, or chemicals such as when washing dishes or cleaning the house - and even in the winter time to protect from extremely cold temperatures.

If this is not practical, then glove-like shielding lotions are the best body lotion for dry skin.

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