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Can chamomile reduce inflammation?


Chamomile has been used as a medicinal aid since the time of Hippocrates. For centuries it has been a remedy for hay fever, inflammation, spasms, menstrual cycles, insomnia, wounds, ulcers, digestive disorders, rheumatic pain and even in cosmetics and for aromatherapy. It has also helped with fever and headaches and skin irritations. This versatile plant is under-utilized today and undervalued for its benefits.

Many will commonly know chamomile in its tea form, which is where it developed its popularity. Chamomile makes for a great homeopathic aid for sleeping, and therefore it is perfectly suited for a floral tea option. It has a soothing and calming effect and helps with sleeping and even with nerve or anxiety disorders. In this fast-paced and volatile present time environment, something like chamomile tea would be valuable to most people who suffer from insomnia or other emotional ailments.

The surprising fact is that it can also be a remedy for skin - this plant can just about do anything. Common skin conditions such as bruises, burns, eczema, acne and even diaper rash would benefit from this powerful plant. The reason why chamomile is in so many skin care products like chamomile lotion is because of the essential oils and flower extracts that contain more than 120 pharmacologically active chemical components, which is just a fancy way of saying the that chamomile oils and flowers have some healing components built in them. Studies have shown that chamomile may be able to help assist with speeding up the healing process of a wound.

So how does any of this benefit your search for the perfect skincare product? Chamomile is definitely worth having around the house - as It benefits anyone who suffers from dry skin, eczema and even acne. It was chosen as one of the key ingredients in  Skin MD’s components because of its soothing and calming properties - perfect for irritated or inflamed skin. Using a shielding lotion with chamomile, like Skin MD, can help repair and even prevent everyday skin ailments.

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