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How to Find a Sunscreen for Your Sensitive Skin


Summer is over and the winter weather is starting to settle in, but this doesn’t mean it is time to put your sunscreen away. Sun protection is always trendy. Also, if you were to ask your primary care doctor or your dermatologist they would both probably tell you that you should be using sunscreen outdoors on your skin all year round. But unfortunately not all sunscreens are created equal. Some are made just for the face and some are made for your body. Then if you have sensitive skin finding one that works for you can be a little tricky. Don’t worry though we have some tips that can help guide you into choosing a sunscreen that works for you. 

Things You Need to Look For 

When you are shopping for sunscreen there are a few factors that will help with picking a product that will work for you.

  • Water Resistant Products Are a Good Thing: If you are going to be outside for an extended time period - let’s say to go snowboarding - getting a water resistant formula will help the product stay on longer, just in case you start sweating.
  • Broad Spectrum is a Must: Before you grab a product, make sure to read the label and make sure it protects from UVA and UVB rays. All UV rays can cause skin damage and skin cancers
  • Pick the Right Formula: There are different formula bases for sunscreens. Most of them are either mineral or chemical based. If you have sensitive skin, choosing a mineral based sunscreen may be the better option. Two common mineral sunscreen ingredients to look for are zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Another fun fact about these mineral ingredients is that they’re reef safe!

Considering Format When Choosing Sunscreen

Another thing to consider when choosing a sunscreen is finding a product that comes in the right form for you. So many sunscreens come in different forms like sprays, sticks and lotions. All of these are effective options but how you apply them can make or break their effectiveness. Using a stick formula may require multiple applications before you get enough coverage. Spray on products can go on spotty and may also require more applications. Choosing a lotion may be the best option. Most of these products will provide full coverage. No matter what format of sunscreen you choose, make sure after you apply the product you rub it into your skin. 

Skin MD SPF 15 face and body shielding lotions give you non-greasy sun protection that also helps heal skin conditions at the same time. Review the ingredients and how it works differently from other conventional lotions.

Having sensitive skin doesn’t need to make shopping for sunscreen complicated.

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