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What Is Caprylyl Glycol and What Is It doing in My Skin Care Products?


What Is Caprylyl Glycol?

Capryloyl Glycol, also known as 1, 2-octanediol, is an alcohol that is derived from a fatty acid called caprylic acid. This tongue-twisting ingredient is actually found in many daily skin care products that you probably have hidden in your toiletries cabinet. Caprylic acid can be found in coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Even though capryloyl glycol is an alcohol it does not sensitize or dry the skin out because it comes from a fatty acid. It is formally known as a humectant which is a common moisturizing ingredient that is capable of pulling moisture into the skin and holding it there (kind of magical). This action allows your skin to retain much-needed moisture and help prevent dry skin.

Why Is Capryloyl Glycol Used in Skin Care Products?

  1. As a Humectants: Humectants are like gold in skincare - rare but of great value. So, capryloyl glycol is the perfect addition to any lotion and moisturizer. Companies make it an essential ingredient because of its hydrating properties.
  2. As a Preservative: Capryloyl glycol has also been used as a preservative. Some beauty manufacturers have used it to replace parabens and to help extend the shelf life of some of their most often used skin care products. This is also a good thing for us as the consumer because it allows us to keep and use the product for a longer time period.
  3. For Texture and Feel: This ingredient has a wonderful way of helping a formulation spread and move through the users hands and fingers, creating a luxurious experience.

The Bottom Line

Capryloyl glycol is incredibly versatile. It is generally safe for most skin types, except for those that have a known allergy to it. Capryloyl glycol is also one of the safest preservatives found in skin care items. If you are still unsure of how you feel about certain ingredients in your skin care products you can always partner with your dermatologist to help find skin care products that will fit your needs and help calm any concerns you may have.

Skin MD contains a proprietary formulation, consisting of 1,2 Hexanediol and Capryloyl Glycol, which is probably the most effective humectant* available today. It is derived from coconut and has the unique property of protecting against microbial growth from bacteria and yeast while giving the finished product an exceptional feel, making it a superior dry skin cream.

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