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Botanical Face Oil for Dry Skin


Have you ever seen those videos of influencers dripping oil down their face and it makes it look like they have access to the best beauty secrets? Well, the secret is doing your skincare every morning and night. It can really make you feel like you’re starting your day off right and fresh, and ending it calmed and relaxed. It’s not practical to get a facial once a week but who says you have to? Oils can help achieve that perfect glow and hydration for the face. Amongst the hundreds of options out there, there are two categories: essential oils and facial oils.

Essential Oils

Essential oils usually come in a little bottle that you can transfer into a dropper so it makes the application easier when distributing it on your face. You should put it in your moisturizer and rub it in upward motions on your face and neck.

  • Tea tree – great for acne, nail fungus, and warts
  • Lemon – bug bites, boils and pimples
  • Lavender – itchy skin, dry skin, irritating skin, reducing scarring
  • Frankincense – minimize scars, wrinkles, fine lines, evens out skin tone

Facial Oils

Traditional oils like mineral oil, coconut oil and argan oils are oils you want to avoid putting on your face. Here are some oils that are great for the face and body:

  • Jojoba Oil – extremely lightweight, helps dissolve sebum, good for combination skin
  • Vitamin C Oil – helps with fine lines, skin brightening
  • Vitamin E Oil – helps with scarring, itchy skin, dry skin, healing, eczema, and psoriasis

For the best results when using facial or essential oils, is to apply a moisturizer first such as Skin MD Shielding Lotion and let that soak into the skin and let it dry first.  Then apply the oils. You will feel so plumped and hydrated. There is an amazing social media influencer and her name is Karen. She is on YouTube and Instagram. Here is the link to her Instagram so you can see for your own eyes - her skin is #goals

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