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Can I Use Body Lotion as A Hand Cream?


You may ask yourself “can I use a body lotion as a hand cream?” The answer is yes. A quality body lotion is going to have the same benefits as a standard hand cream. Most hand lotions are meant for all around the body, and vice-versa; however, the key difference between the two, is that a body lotion is usually a little more watered down, and hand creams are a little thicker since we are washing our hands all day. The skin on our hands tends to be exposed to far more irritants, and therefore most conventional hand creams will be thicker in texture. This is not necessarily the best solution in hydrating hands.

If you suffer from extremely dry hands you may need to use a hand cream that has anti-inflammatory benefits. Plant-based ingredients such as Aloe vera are highly anti-anti-inflammatory and hydrating. Aloe is a versatile plant that has so many great benefits. Skin MD Shielding Lotion is primarily formulated with Aloe which makes it light weight. Its gel like consistently also makes it soothing for many skin irritations - for face or body.

Using an SPF lotion on your face and hands are also important since those parts of your body age the fastest.  So, if you happen to have a SPF body lotion, this can be really useful for your hands - as they get a great deal of sun exposure. Aging is beautiful but taking care of yourself along the way will ensure you remain in the best shape.

Some other tips to remember when using a facial moisturizer include the method by which you apply your lotion. It is important to moisturize the product going towards your hair line. You never want to rub in a downward motion. That will cause more wrinkles and soon enough you will age faster since your face won’t appear “lifted”.

can i use body lotion as hand cream

In the end, if you want to have less products in your counter - you can certainly use a body lotion for your hands; however, generally there are a number of specific benefits you will find in each product that makes it unique for the specific benefit it is made for.

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