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Barrier Repair Face Cream


There are many factors that cause our skin to dehydrate and age - most of these things are invisible to the naked eye. Nanoparticles in cosmetics, invisible toxins in the air from pollution, the damaging rays from sun, and the minerals in the water. It can be difficult to protect ourselves from these factors without covering up with hats, sunglasses, and face coverings - not practical.

Applying a barrier repair face cream such as Skin MD acts like an invisible shield to protect your skin from any external factors like these. It forms an invisible matrix by bonding to the outermost layer of your skin, adding and strengthening your existing protective barrier. 

Our bodies have been designed to heal themselves. We have all the processes designed within us; however, lifestyles and environments tamper with the healing processes and cause harm. Applying a barrier repair face cream allows the skin to heal itself, without having irritants interrupting the process. 

The natural oil found in your skin, sebum, have such rich botanical properties that are all you need to heal your skin’s most severe conditions; however, they are usually washed away due to work, and home life. With a shielding lotion or barrier repair cream, these oils cannot escape and are finally given the chance to do what they do best. 

Consider a barrier repair face cream for your delicate face. We only get one face, and it’s worth every step to protect it.  

Put your best face forward!

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