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Diabetic Dry Feet Cream


Your feet. They are the body’s support system. They keep you up and mobile. Allowing you to see, explore and experience different things of this world.  Obviously keeping your feet healthy is important but it is even more important to those who are diabetic.

Poor foot health could cause problems for anyone but for diabetic’s it is even more essential to keep feet healthy. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause slower healing throughout the body. When it comes to feet something like dry itchy cracked skin or calluses can lead to open sores or even foot ulcers. These small factors if unchecked can lead to infection in the skin which can be very dangerous.

diabetic dry feet creamWhile there is no miracle diabetic dry feet cream you buy in a bottle, there is a major step we can take to help with diabetic dry skin on your feet. That is getting a safe amount of moisture into the skin and protecting the skin. Skin MD is a lightweight shielding lotion that can protect and moisturize your skin. Shielding lotions work differently than regular moisturizers. Most moisturizers only lay on top of your skin and will simply “wash off” once any moisture gets on your skin. A shielding lotion like Skin MD bonds with your skin to create a breathable protective barrier. This protective barrier can stop outside irritants from penetrating the skin and it locks moisture into the skin where it belongs. 

Even though it has a lightweight feel to it Skin MD has very effective moisturizing ingredients. It is filled with botanicals such aloe, arnica, comfrey, and other botanicals. These ingredients have been proven to help with dry skin relief on some of the most sensitive skin.

The combination of protection and botanical moisturizers make Skin MD a superior option with helping heal dry diabetic feet.

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