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Dry Skin on Elbows and Hands


Dry skin on elbows and hands can be one of the most irritating places to have dry skin struggles. They are places on the body that are constantly exposed and prone to dry skin issues. Common reasons for dry skin can be weather changes, irritation from products and lack of moisture or hydration. There are other reasons for dry skin such as eczema or psoriasis. Whatever your dry skin issues we can all agree that they are all troublesome and can even be painful.

What makes dry skin on elbows and hands even more troublesome is that when it gets dry it can become thick, hard and even scaly feeling. When your skin gets to this point it is more likely to become cracked or have open sores on it.  Since you are constantly moving these areas it also makes healing these areas a little more complicated.

Two key tips to dealing with this are to moisturize and heal.  Let’s start with getting moisture back in to your skin. This is a critical step when dealing with dry skin on elbows and hands. Skin MD shielding lotion creates a protective barrier on the outer most layer of skin which will help your body retain its own natural oils and moisture. This is a better moisturizing solution than conventional moisturizers. Conventional moisturizers only offer temporary relief because they only mask the skin and do little to actually resolve skin issues.

dry skin on elbows and hands

Skin MD not only offers moisture for your skin its protective qualities will also help your skin heal. When your skin is protected this allows your skin barrier to heal and basically do its job which is to protect your skin from irritation and pollutants. Using a product like Skin MD that works with your skin will lead to better and long term results because it allows your skin to heal within and stay healthy.

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