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Eczema and Acne: The tale of two skin conditions


Eczema and Acne are actually two very different skin conditions and appear on your skin in different forms; however, at some very unfortunate times you may experience both at once.

So what is the key difference between eczema and acne?

Well, Eczema is recognizable for its red, inflamed, itchy and sometimes painful regions on the skin surface. It is commonly caused by sensitive skin that is the result of inflammation with a broken skin barrier. Although the cause is hard to pinpoint, there are generally triggers for eczema and these should be determined and controlled - plus a lot of non-greasy lotions like Skin MD’s shielding lotions to keep the areas hydrated.

On the other hand, Acne is an overproduction of your body’s oil substance called sebum. When there is too much sebum, we have blocked and sometimes infected pores that appear as lumps, bumps and reddish inflammation, or the unwanted acne.

The fascinating part of having both eczema and acne at the same time, is that one is linked to dryness and dehydrated skin; whilst the other is excessively oily. The eczema sufferer usually underproduces sebum, which is the naturally occurring oil that acne sufferers want to control. Ironic? Yes! 

Want some simple skincare tips to treat eczema and acne?

Simplify your life: Remove any cosmetics, and synthetic products and stick to botanical products that are fragrance-free, and designed for sensitive skin. Products that have plant based botanicals generally have higher anti-inflammatory properties to help with both these conditions.

Cool it down: Hot water is known to irritate the skin and does not help to fight skin conditions. Cooling it down to a nice luke-warm temperature and drying off with a clean towel is helpful. Loose, and light clothing that are not skin tight are going to help remove the friction-caused irritation also.  

Don’t forget to hydrate:  The problem with traditional moisturizers is that they trick your skin into thinking that you are actually moisturized, which then makes your skin stop its natural healing process. You usually end up with dryer skin. Then if you stop using the moisturizer, your skin will overreact and produce lots more oil to compensate for this loss. Using a shielding lotion or barrier cream, like Skin MD, allows your skin to regulate its own production. Since they are not actually moisturizers, they simply create a healthy shield on your skins surface. This stops external irritants, and keeps the good stuff in!


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