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Shield Barrier Cream


Ok, let's talk about some simple skin science.

So, the outermost layer of your skin is called the epidermis - and overtime, with the exposure to soaps, weather changes, and over-washing your hands, the poor epidermis is going to start to flake away. This is generally because it cant take anymore of your lifestyle, and it is starting to throw a tantrum. But, life's not over. 

Usually, your healthy skin knows just what to do. It will produce oils and moisture to repair the skin back to normal. But, in reality, there is never enough time for your skin to do this - because you just keep washing your hands, or exposing it to harsh soaps, creams, make-up, or even alcohol-based sanitizers. You might even work with paint, or cosmetics, or toxic ingredients that are to blame. Whatever it is, your hands have had enough!

Most people would say, oh just apply some moisturizer - and that will work, sure, for a good half a minute. But before you know it, your skin is itchy and dry again.

So, let me tell you a little secret…

The best kept secret in the history of skincare, is your own natural oils! But since you keep washing them away, you never get to enjoy their benefits. Introducing the shield barrier cream. Products like Skin MD, have been designed specifically to take advantage of what your beautiful body has to offer. When you apply, even a pea-sized amount of any shield barrier cream, you are creating magic. The product forms an invisible shield on the outermost layer of your skin (yep, the epidermis), this acts like the shield for the superhero (being your hands). It blocks those daily irritants, but most importantly it locks in your skin’s natural oils so that your skin can finally heal!


We did it.

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