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Eczema On Face


If you have sensitive skin on your face, you already know that it is very reactive. Having sensitive skin makes you more vulnerable to skin disorders like rosacea, acne and eczema on the face. Have you ever wondered why you are skin sensitive and if there is anything you can do to make it healthier?

Environment and weather could be factors for why you have sensitive skin. During the colder fall and winter months your skin struggles with retaining moisture due to the fact that there is less moisture in the air. Then, when spring and summer hit, the pollen and humidity levels can cause skin irritation because your skin can struggle with adapting to the warmer weather and varying pollen levels. 

Your age can also be a reason why your skin is sensitive. Babies and younger children are more likely to have skin reactions because their skin barrier is not fully developed and it leaves them more susceptible to things like eczema. During your teens you’re more likely to use harsher cleansers on your face to deal with acne or oily skin. These cleansers have a higher chance of stripping your skin of its defenses.

Women who are pregnant or going through menopause may suffer from different skin issues because of their changing hormone levels. Finally, as we hit the older side of the spectrum, our skin becomes thinner making it easier for it to become dehydrated; dehydrated skin makes your skin barrier weaker and more vulnerable. 

Our lifestyles can be a huge factor as to why our skin is so sensitive. Factors like our diet and water intake can affect our skin. Keeping a balanced diet could help your skin. When having sensitive skin, keep in mind to use products in moderation.

Helping your sensitive skin to become and remain healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Being more aware of ingredients in the products you use could help. Also more people are starting to use products with plant based ingredients. Also adding a shielding lotion like Skin MD to your regime could help your sensitive skin. See the following quote from Dr. Lisa Benest as to why using a shielding lotion could help your skin stay healthy.

"Every day our skin is exposed to numerous chemicals and irritants just in everyday life – you don't have to be working in chemicals or with cleaning fluids to have that happen. Skin care and skin treatment is important in today's polluted environment. What I like about Skin MD is that it's not greasy, it goes on the skin smooth and silky and you don't even feel like you have anything on.", Dr. Lisa Benest, Board-Certified Dermatologist

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