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Lotion for Contact Dermatitis


What is contact dermatitis ?

 The medical definition of dermatitis is skin inflammation. Contact dermatitis is when your skin comes into contact with an irritant or allergen and it causes a dry, painful and itchy skin rash. A perfect example of contact dermatitis is how your skin reacts to poison ivy or poison oak.  The thing with contact dermatitis is it can be caused by more than just poison ivy. Your skin may have a reaction like this to other things such as detergent, makeup, face washes, cleaning chemicals, this list can go on and on. 

Who can get contact dermatitis?

Since we live in a world that is filled with skin irritants, it makes sense that certain professions are more prone to this common skin disorder. Doctors and nurses are constantly washing and sanitizing their skin with harsh soaps and sanitizers. Hairdressers are constantly exposing themselves to bleach and peroxide. Even other professions like electricians, construction workers and mechanics could be at risk of getting some form of contact dermatitis because they work with resins and other chemicals that can have adverse reactions. To add to the list, a lot of these professions are also at risk of getting contact dermatitis from their gloves. 

How do we treat it?

Treating your contact dermatitis can be simple. Clean your skin with mild soap to clean the skin of any irritants. Then if needed you can follow up and apply an anti-itch cream to the affected area.  This last step can be a little complicated if your contact dermatitis is caused by an essential item in your workplace.  You will need to try and avoid what is causing your contact dermatitis.  Covering up with gloves or protective clothing can help. You can also try adding a shielding lotion like Skin MD to regime.

Skin MD shielding lotion can be used as a helpful second line of defense for your skin.  Shielding lotions bond with your outer layer of skin to help prevent skin irritants from wreaking havoc on your skin. Now it is not made to replace any part of your job where you would need to wear gloves but it can help with preventing the irritation that is caused by your gloves. Skin MD is filled with tons of healing botanicals that are great for those who have sensitive skin.

Most cases of contact dermatitis are nothing to worry about but if the issue persists or gets worse you can always reach out to your dermatologist to create a treatment plan that works for you.

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