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Hand Sanitizer Party Favors


The pandemic has cancelled so many big events for people such as: graduations, weddings, birthdays and sadly, funerals. The recommendation is to keep your social circle small which has felt a little like we are still in “lockdown.” We can’t be locked up forever, right? There are definitely some ways you can still celebrate any event with a little help.

Here are some innovative ideas on how to stay in the festive mood over the holidays or just to keep from getting too glum.

  1. Birthday Car Parade – Car parades have been all the rage during quarantine. It is simple and fun to take the whole family along and keep everyone happy to see friends and family. Some ideas are to bring the birthday guy/girl’s favorite drink? Stock up their bar! Don’t forget to wear your party hats and decorate your car. We need to make a little extra effort to make things feel normal for all of those around us. 
  1. Carryout Picnic – Tell your close friends to meet you at the park. Everyone can bring their own food and drinks and a blanket. Everyone can still be together while sitting roughly 6-feet apart. If this is a birthday party or similar event, you can choose to give your guests a hand sanitizer party favor. We all need an extra one around.
  1. Outdoor Movie Party – Set up a projector and play your favorite holiday movie. Get your chairs, blankets, and popcorn. Plus a big blanket and a hot drink.
  1. Camping – Bundle up and get in the car for a little road trip! Start a campfire, barbeque some yummy food, and stir your cocktail. Make sure you stick to the rules of the national park and stay safe.
  1. Virtual Karaoke Party – Sing all night on Zoom! Designate one person to make the playlist and everyone messages their song requests through the chat and mutes their microphones until it’s their turn to sing. 
  1. Virtual Game Night – Have you ever played Jackbox with your friends online? It’s a must! They have so many games on there and you can all Zoom together. Don’t give up on your day, you can still have fun with a little help from technology and some imagination.

Don’t Forget The Goodie Bags!

Party favors are always a good thing to add to any event. Guests feel excited to take a token home with them. These days a hand sanitizer party favor is a great idea. Any local supermarket, pharmacy or big box store will carry mini travel or handbag size bottles of your favorite hand sanitizers. They are really easy to find.

If you are feeling extra generous, it might be nice to bundle a mini sanitizer and a mini moisturizer to make sure you cover the bases. Guests will feel really special and appreciate the thought. Throw in any hand sanitizer and Skin MD Shielding Lotion and some candy and call it a day. Keep these times fun, festive, and most importantly safe.

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