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Don’t Lose Your Summer Tan!


I know, I know tanning beds are the absolute worst. If you’re anything like me you’re probably trying to find a safe way to stay bronzed throughout the cloudy winter as well. Now with indoor heating and low humidity drying out our skin, it makes it difficult for bronzers and self-tanners to really stay on. Luckily I have a solution to stay tan and moisturized through the winter.

You can always book an appointment for a spray tan, but why not just do it at home? There are many products you can grab at your local drug store that are very accessible and easy to use. From sprays, lotions and overnight tans, they have it all. If you follow these steps you will be sure to have a long lasting tan all winter.

  1. Shave – You definitely want a smooth canvas to work with. If you skip this step, the self-tanner may adhere to your hair instead of your skin, causing it to look splotchy. Shaving is a way to exfoliate your skin.
  2. Exfoliate – Go to your kitchen cabinet and grab that sugar. It works very well in exfoliating dry, dead skin cells. The skin around your hands, feet, ankles and elbows can be extra dry and flaky, so make sure to get those areas really well. If you had a previous self-tan on, you want to make sure you exfoliate all of it off so you don’t get a patchy tan.
  3. Moisturize – You must moisturize! Your tan will generally only last a couple of days but you can make it last at least 7 days! Skin MD Shielding Lotion is a lightweight and fragrance free lotion that definitely does the job in keeping your skin shielded. Packed with botanical ingredients like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Arnica and many more. (Pro-tip: Mix your favorite self-tanner with Skin MD Shielding Lotion and apply it to the skin for the most amazing results)
  4. Apply – It’s time to apply the self-tanner. Always remember, less is more. So when you are applying the self-tanner and you feel it’s not as dark as you would like it, it may actually end up darker after it sets into the skin. It’s always easy to apply more later than trying to take off what’s already been absorbed.

Let’s stay bronze together this entire winter and look extra glamorous for our holiday selfies. If you’re like me, being tan makes you feel confident and refreshed!


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