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Shielding Lotion


Your skin is always under constant threat from a modern-day lifestyle. The daily exposure to irritants, chemicals and toxins even has harmless as your hand soap or hand sanitizer, slowly strip away the skin’s delicate, yet protective surface. This is why dermatologists recommend a gentle emollient such as a shielding lotion. Shielding lotions are designed to block skin irritants and lock in moisture where it is needed most. The smallest application instantly absorbs and bonds with the outermost layer of skin to give you an added layer of protection. A single application of the shielding lotion can take you up to four hours and comes off your skin naturally when shedding. Use this lotion to keep your skin healthy and properly moisturized throughout the day, even through washes. The moisturizer retains the skin's natural moisture the way your body intends.

Why Shielding Lotion

It's so simple. By protecting your hands from excess hand-washing products such and the frequent use of sanitizers and soap, it revitalizes dry and cracked skin, and heals eczema, psoriasis, and numerous skin conditions. Cool tip: You do not have to wash a shielding lotion off because it naturally exfoliates with your skin cells.

Gloves In A Bottle is 100% free from parabens, dairy, wheat, soy, phthalates, formaldehyde, corn, and nuts free. It is both hypoallergenic and does not clog skin pores. The ingredients are on the FDA’s most safe list, and as such, all hospital staff can use it, including those working in operating rooms. 

How Does It Work?

A shielding lotion creates a shield that restores the skin's natural protective properties. Imagine an invisible pair of gloves wrapped around your delicate hands all day. This added barrier gives your skin a chance to heal itself, by stopping the loss of natural oils and moisture which are imperative to healthy skin.

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