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Gloves in A Bottle vs. Skin MD


Gloves In A Bottle and Skin MD are both shielding lotions. In fact, the brand Gloves In A Bottle, dubbed the term “shielding lotion” and made it a household name. Both of these incredible products are formulated to repair your skin’s own natural barrier, by creating an invisible matrix on the outer surface of your skin. Although they are designed as a similar solution, the products are somewhat different, and target different skin challenges.

gloves in a bottle vs skin md

Gloves In A Bottle is a professional grade shielding lotion that has been formulated with hard-working hands in mind. Miners, gardeners, mechanics and surgeons come to mind, as their hands are rigorously challenged throughout the day, whether it be direct exposure to toxins and chemicals, or simply due to the multiple times they are sanitized and washed. Gloves In A Bottle is a medical-grade product, that is dermatologically approved to be safe for the surgical room.  When you think of Gloves In A Bottle, you think of hand repair.

Skin MD, although also perfectly suitable for hands, is incredibly beneficial for delicate facial skin, especially dry skin, itchy skin. Skin MD Face products are perfect for rosacea, acne, and breakouts. Their SPF formula is the ideal daily SPF for your face, and is also designed to repair sunburns. It is light-weight, and made of 93% botanicals, so it is also the perfect barrier to environmental stressors like pollution and UV which speed up the aging process.

Using Gloves In A Bottle Vs. Skin MD

They work identically, just like many other lotions. A small application goes a long way for both these economical products. Massaging it over your hands or your face in circular motions will help ensure the product is evenly spread and absorbed quickly.

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