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Skin Barrier Repair Creams are the New Affordable Luxury


What’s in a name? Well, there are so many ways to describe a skin barrier repair cream - some call them skin balms, salves, or ointments; skin barrier repair creams go by many names but they all have the same purpose - to create a protective layer for sensitive skin. 

Lo and behold, the summer days are coming to an end - and winter is near. As the weather gets colder, our skin gets thinner and more exposed. The outer-most layer of our skin loses much of its moisture and starts to flake and crack. Not fun!

Barrier creams are designed to keep the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out - they protect sensitive skin that is already prone to conditions such as dermatitis or eczema which generally flare up in the colder months. Unlike lightweight moisturizers, these creams have a thicker consistently which allows them to form an invisible barrier that bonds to the outermost layer of your skin cells. Just like a second layer of fabric on a quilt, it moves with your skin and washes off as does the skin cells - which means that it stays on through hand-washing and repels water.  For this reason, it also works like magic in locking in the natural oils that occur in your skin.

Dermatologists and beauty experts will recommend shying away from anything to heavy as it will clog your pores and wont allow your skin to breathe. Finding products that are rich with botanical ingredients and promise to be free from toxins is also a good idea.

Products that have plant-based botanicals that are rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials are also perfect for the winter months. When germs and microbes are far more common, these ingredients help protect the skin from infection, and heal cracked skin that can eventually lead to an open wound - exposing one to more bacteria. 

skin barrier repair cream

OK, so they aren't as fancy as a french bottle of lavender moisturizer, but they work - and thats guaranteed!

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