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Shielding Lotion for Face


shielding lotion for face

Skin MD range of Shielding Lotion for face behaves as a second line of defense to protect the delicate skin on your face from irritants that lead to dry skin, and aging. Pollution, sun exposure, harsh face washes, and other chemicals can speed up the aging process by dehydrated your skin, leaving it tight and dry. By applying one of the products from the range of shielding lotions for face, you are giving your skin an extra boost of protection  from everyday toxins.  A pea-sized application will go a long way in repairing irritation, breakouts, and rosacea, and delivers several hours of soothing relief. With 93% botanicals, and using the power of 5 plant extracts, the formula is six times more hydrating than any traditional moisturizer.

shielding lotion for face

Its important to give our skin the very best that nature has to offer, and this rang of shielding lotions for face are  non-greasy, hypoallergenic, fragrant-free, and color-free, and paraben-free. All the ingredients have been tested for even the most sensitive skin, and are listed on the FDA’s most safe list.

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