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Skin Health Becomes Increasingly Important to People as They Start to Age


Skin health becomes increasingly important to people as they start to age. Starting from the age of 25, we notice a change in our skin texture, elasticity and overall tone. This is mostly due to the decline in collagen production, and also the years of sun exposure and potentially poor lifestyle and diet. Other than genetic impacts, there is still a lot of hope for what we can do to improve our skin, especially the most valuable skin - that is on our delicate face.

So how do we repair damage, or better yet protect our skin from the harmful environment, or from rapid aging process? A new revolution in face lotions are facial barrier creams. These gentle, lightweight creams are made to essentially create a barrier on the surface of your skin to shield it from any harmful irritants. Some of us have far more resilient skin than others, but for gentler skin times a facial barrier cream for sensitive skin is recommended.

Skin MD formulations were developed as gently as possible for even the most sensitive skin. Made with a combination of plant botanicals, including Aloe Vera for natural hydration, Chamomile to provide anti-inflammatory and calming effects to name only a couple. 93% of the formulation is made with botanicals, while the other 7% is with ingredients found on the FDA’s most safe list. No dyes, no fragrances, no phthalates, parabens or the like, this is a wonderful solution as a barrier cream for sensitive skin.

But how do you know if you have sensitive skin?  

Most of the time, sensitive skin is far more quickly alarmed, or quick to show reaction to outward irritants. Someone who might scratch their skin and get a raised red irritation, or someone who might breakout from using cosmetic products, or someone who gets easily burnt under sun exposure, these are some indications of sensitive skin types. And these days, with the plethora of ingredients found in products, and the added pollution in our environment, many of us are showing up as sensitive skin.

facial barrier cream for sensitive skin

Using a botanical product is always going to be the best choice. To read more, Skin MD Ingredients list can be found here.

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