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Lets discuss the difference between body lotion and hand cream


If you were top walk into your bathroom at home or even open your medicine cabinet there’s a good chance you multiple types of hand creams and body lotions. While a lot of these products may feel, look or even smell the same they do have different purposes. There’s a good reason for it too.

Your skin, even though it may look the same throughout your body it is actually structurally different in different areas. The perfect example is the skin found on the bottom of your feet - which is noticeably thicker and much tougher than that thin skin on your inner elbow - right? These differences are why we need to generally use different products designated for specific areas of the body. You wouldn’t want use a face cream on the bottom of your feet since texturally it is too thin to actually accomplish much for the rough skin on your feet. This also goes for putting a hand cream on your face, the thick density and excessive oils in most of these products would clog pores on your face leaving your skin at risk for imperfections like cystic acne - ummm, no thanks!

Skin MD shielding lotion is made of botanicals like Aloe and Arnica that can be used for your hands, face, and body. It’s lightweight enough for the face and it won’t clog your pores. Skin MD is also effective enough to provide moisture throughout the rest of your body while also protecting it from outside irritants. This allows your skin to retain moisture, start any necessary healing, and leaving you with healthy happy skin.

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